Monday, 30 June 2008

Latest YouTube posting

I've actually posted a few videos to YouTube since my last post.  The videos I've posted I think represent my political evolution somewhat.  I'm becoming less ignorant of the things happening around me, and around the world.  My post regarding Condell having lots of friends in the BNP took me off on a tangent which led to the video below.

It is my shortest video yet, so gets to the point quickly.  The point being that the BNP is not run as a democracy, so why would anybody expect the BNP to run a democratic government if they actually took power in the UK?  For once, this is not a video about fascists or racists or bigots inhabiting the BNP, though undoubtedly there are such people in the upper echelons of the BNP command structure.  This video is about how the BNP is run, and how members of the BNP actually get very little say in how the organisation is run.

The BNP constitution is not available on the BNP site at the time of writing.  If I was a BNP member, I'd want to know why.