Friday, 22 February 2008

YouTube Post No. 2

This one took a while but finally finished it.  This is a reply to a video posted by Condell entitled 'A word to Islamofascists'.  During my research I found out a number of interesting things. 
  • Condell accuses the current Labour government of pandering to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) which I could almost stomach if the National Secular Society didn't have 7 Labour MPs as well as some Lib Dem and Green Party MPs amongst the Honarary Associates it lists proudly.  Not forgetting the peers, MEPs and members of the media who are also listed.  The MCB simply can't muster that kind of heavyweight political and media savvy clout.
  • Condell thinks the Muslim vote is too important to Labour, but Muslims make up about 3.1% of the UK population.  What planet is he on.  I also found out some cold hard facts based upon local election results, which you'll see in the video.
  • There are several instances where Condell takes quotes out of context, and I managed to find the actual interview he was ranting about.  Now.  I never thought that the MCB represented me as a Muslim, and there is no doubt that whenever an MCB spokesperson gets on the news they never come across well, but a bit of media training would sort that.  But to take a simple quote and mangle and distort it is beyond reason, so I've pointed out where Condell does that.
  • Condell seems to have forgotten his roots as an 'Irish Catholic' which he revealed in an interview with Time Out.  So I discuss how this might affect his attitude towards immigrants, being as his family must have come to the UK from Ireland at some point.
  • Condell insists that Muslims were not invited to this country, but I point out that the East India Trading Company might have had a hand in that, by employing people and bringing them to the UK to fill in skills gaps.  Was that not an open invitation?
I think his delivery is very practiced, and the way he jumps from one subject to another entirely unrelated subject is amazing, and it is this device that he uses to deflect his viewers from seeking out the truth.  If you look like you know enough about a subject, and you deliver a good spiel, it seems people will swallow everything you have to say!  But what do you do when the facts don't suport what you are saying?

Whilst I was posting this video I noticed that Condell posted something on Scientology.  It was weird, realising that we were both crafting videos for YouTube at exactly the same time.

Anyway. Please watch the video and let me know what you think.


DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum,
I can see why it took you a while to put up a new video, you are very meticulous with your research, mashallah. Please continue informing the rest of us. I have been reviewing some of his videos and this guy is nothing but a raving lunatic high on his own steer manure.
Seems to me that militant atheism is big on YouTube. I will post about it the future after viewing some of their videos.
Keep up the excellent work!

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Thank you for the support. As I say in the video, I don't feel that the MCB is particularly great at representing Muslims, but then, I don't misrepresent what they say! If h could prove that the MCB was financially backed by mad mullahs I'd be fine with him ripping it to shreds. But he can't, so he just makes it up!

Condell is full of inconsistencies, his videos clearly contradict each other at points. If he truly believed in what he was saying he would do his research and be consistent.

DrMaxtor said...

Yeah, it seems he reads of lot of tabloid rubbish like the Daily mail. Not surprising to note that BNP types love this idiot's rantings. The "Nation Secular Society" seems more like the National Socialists.

ummzee said...

absolutely excellent blog well done!! This guy certainly needed deconstructing..

Rational Understanding said...

Let me say that you are at fault in your understanding; I am not a Pat Condell defender still you keep coming back with the same sorts of circular arguments, I have way too much to do so I won’t be the one that keeps arguing for Condell, you know how I differ from him and to the extent that I agree with him. If you have got questions or you don’t understand something you need to sort it out not me. So to keep this simple I will pick one thing and see where it goes. The MCB wants a ban on alcohol in public and a more modest dress code for everyone, now I don’t even care if they really want this at all. Let us assume Condell is right and the MCB do want this! Your response to this is to cite laws which ban drinking in public places and then to reel off some crap about women dressing not to tempt other people. Condell is talking about the removal of human rights and you are talking about laws that are meant to govern public disorder, where is the link between the two things?

A pub is a public place by the way and the laws that stop people from drinking on the streets within city centres is there to help protect people. I think what Condell is talking about is perhaps more prohibition based on a religious justification, which is completely different from a public safety law. I understand that under human rights I do not have the right to tell women how to dress and if your argument for removing that human right is because it might tempt men then this is just a load of rubbish. I actually addressed some of these issues in the comments to this post: . I think we will always fundamentally disagree with each other but I hope you can see the point that I am making.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

rational understanding, you said

" The MCB wants a ban on alcohol in public and a more modest dress code for everyone...Your response to this is to cite laws which ban drinking in public places and then to reel off some crap about women dressing not to tempt other people."

As my video proves, it is already within the remit of the law to ban alcohol in public. Was it a secret cabal of Muslims who stealthily managed to sneak this law through parliment? No. This is a rare example of common sense winning out. Condell, completely unaware of the current laws, is simply railing against Islam for the sake of it, oblivious to the fact that what he is railing against has already become UK law. I'd call that ironic.

You said that I reeled off "some crap about women dressing not to tempt other people." This is patently not the case. I challenge you to show me where I have done this anywhere in any of my posts on this blog or on YouTube. The fact that you made such an accusation demonstrates that you have either not read or not understood the points I've tried to make.

What my response to this was in fact to point out that the head of the MCB said he did not want his daughter to wear a burka, and that Condell had obviously twisted the words of the MCB to suit his purpose. Condell himself had been condemning the wearing of burkas, and yet when the MCB does the same, he neglects to mention it. Another irony? I think so.

I'm afraid that it is you who are at fault in your understanding.