Saturday, 25 October 2008

BNP Copyright Theft of Condell YouTube videos?

Condell purports not to support the BNP, and yet they have one of his videos - Appeasing Islam - playing on 'BNP Internet TV'.

BNP Internet TV is powered by Mogulus which imports YouTube videos as part of creating your own TV channel. The critical thing is that Mogulus actually imports the YouTube video to its own system. This bypasses the need to embed the YouTube player into a site to play a video and is in clear violation of the copyright which Condell has over his videos.

Condell has created a copyrighted DVD of some of his YouTube videos which is sold for $15 a pop. Clearly, he values his intellectual property. If I were to, for instance, copy that DVD and give it away for free, he would be well within his rights to request that I cease and desist from such an activity. Will he request that the BNP, then, cease and desist from using his copyrighted videos on their Internet TV channel? If not, we can assume that he has given permission for them to broadcast his material, which would clearly be at odds with his claim that he does not support the BNP.


Anonymous said...

I just ordered the book online ekhi :)
Thank you soo much!


Neil McGowan said...

Condell is a hypocrite and a liar. He claims not to support the BNP (for purely financial reasons), but the reality is that he is a vicious racist thug who belongs in the BNP's ranks, and whose first loyalty is to White Supremacy.