Friday, 10 October 2008

Stop Sharia Law in Britain!!!

So Condell caused a commotion with his video entitled 'Saudi Britain which was flagged for violation of the Community Guidelines as he said that the all Saudis were mentally ill.  This is a favourite phrase of Condell, and whilst he made a second video which 'clarified' what he said (he apparently meant to say tht Saudi laws are insane - which is something altogether different).  

Pat Condell loves to label Muslims in particular as mentally ill, as he has done in the past with those Muslims who chose to cover their faces.  I think that we can forgive Condell an isolated incident or slip of the tongue, but when you string together his entire back catalogue of videos I'm sure you will find many slips of the tongue along the same lines as hate speech.  How many times can this happen before you have to say that he is either walking a thin line when he writes his diatribes, or he is just being flat out hateful?

Anyway, once again the trademark Pat Condell  hypocrisy shines through, and so my reply to him again points out the ill-informed nature of his thoughts.  Will I get a reply?  Doubt it.

Oh!  And good news, TheNinjaGirl01 returns with a scathing attack on Condell! You go girl!!!


DrMaxtor said...

Nice to have you back. Neither Pat nor his retarded followers dare ask who founded Saudi Arabia and supports that regime to this day.

skydog said...

Global Statement

Sharia law is discriminatory, cruel and barbaric.

People of all nations should be unequivocally supported in their struggle against Sharia law and should be able to live in societies where universal human rights and nationwide citizenship rights are guaranteed.

There is no place in the 21st century for Sharia. Full stop.

'retarded' Doc?

Surely that's not PC eh? ;o)

skydog said...

''Pat Condell loves to label Muslims in particular as mentally ill''

Pat Condell likes to label all religious dogmatist adherents as having some sort of mental illness. On balance I'd have to agree with him.


Thanks for proving DrMaxtors point which he made 2 years with your retarded comment skydog.

skydog said...

You haven't given me any 'facts to destroy me' FTDA.

And don't try to present 'faith' as fact............. it isn't.

In fact, fact destroys theism. No 'proof' you see.

Man made god in his own image, not the other way around.

You could always pray for me. Even though I'm 'retarded' and doomed to the sulphrous pit for eternity along with all the other heretics and witches. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sharia is not only about Burqa and Hijab. Sharia says cut the thief's hands literally...Sharia says you can have sex with your wife any time regardless she wants to or not (rape!)... Sharia says that every two female testimonies in court are equal to one male testimony (islamic justice)...sharia says the male inherits twice as the female inherits! and the list go on....

Anonymous said...

Can't you bring Miss Ninja's picture back? ...