Monday, 23 February 2009

You Have Moved on, But the Injured and Burned Children of Gaza Have Not; Call for Cyberspace Aid Convoy

Please consider donating to UNICEF UK's Gaza children's fund (US UNICEF for Palestinian Children here). In fact, I challenge other bloggers to carry the same appeal for UNICEF, among the best aid groups for this purpose, so that we can see if we can create a cyberspace aid convoy for them.

Great blog post by Juan Cole


JeroldABella said...
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Anonymous said...

Pat I think you are great man but articles like this:
Can be seen as the reason, the crooked palistians just want the money, ok I agree it is aweful that the children suffer, but it gives them the pic's to throw in our faces(the west) and get more and more money, but the children still starve. I bet the saudi prince's spend more in a year in the brothels and gambling dens of the world in a year than they have ever give to the palistians

nicholas said...

Made a song about Pat, you should see it.
"The Hello Sweden Song"
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