Friday, 14 March 2008

YouTube Post No.3

So. Got my 3rd video posted up to YouTube. It is the video version of my analysis of 'The myth of Islamophobia'

Hope you like it, but either way, comments appreciated.


DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum,
Fantastic! I'm going to have to start downloading these videos before they attempt to have your account suspended. The only thing you could added was domestic violence statistics in western countries, which are appalling and far worse then in the Islamic world.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Thanks for the support. I suspect I'm breaking the YouTube terms of service for 2 specific reasons, but I'll try to get away with it for as long as I can. I think there have been a few high-profile suspensions of a few different YouTubers. Possibly some orchastrated 'flagging' of videos going on/

Good point about the domestic violence, I've even got a video in my favourites that discusses that issue.

DrMaxtor said...

Yeah, from what I've seen on YouTube, account suspensions are very common. Thats the reason I rarely go to the site, way too many juvenile idiots engaged in petty e-wars(and heavy zionist censorship). I do admire the Muslims who speak out against falsehood, but I wish they smartened up a bit and cleaned up the comments on their profile posts by anti-Muslim bigots(who should be blocked right away).
Inshallah, looking forward to more your videos(go a little on the music :).

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Yeh. I've blocked 2 people already, and deleted a few comments. It's difficult to gauge where to draw the line, once they start getting too abusive I suppose. But at the same time I want to draw as many people as possible into this dialogue, not just the ones who don't agree with Pat Condell, but also the ones who do agree with him.

I know what you mean about the music, but again, I don't want to scare non-Muslims off with music that is foreign to them. I'm looking for something suitable :)

DrMaxtor said...

Sorry I meant go easy on the music. No biggie:)
I believe a 1 strike is the best for abusive comments. I've seen some really filthy comments on the profiles of Muslims who were uploading simple videos, without any political or controversial meaning whatsoever.
It is my position that the overwhelming majority of Condell's fans are European xenophobes and from both the left and the right. Many of them of them are just zionists pretending to be extreme atheists. Why isn't Judaism the focus of such caustic attention? The amount of racism is nauseating.
Anyway I've added you to my blogroll, and will post about this topic in the near future inshallah.

DrMaxtor said...

Asalam Aliakum,
I read in one of your comment replies that you are in a "crisis of faith." May I humbly suggest Khalid Yasin's Purpose of Life ?

Its fantastic to say the least. Anyway, don't let a bunch of racist morons on YouTube dissuade you.
Take care, inshallah.