Tuesday, 25 March 2008

YouTube Post No.4

[Update - 26/03/2008, OK, so Pat allowed my video to be a response to his.  Can't deny he is a good sport]

Finally uploaded my reply to Pat Condells' 'Am I a racist' video.

This one took longer than I expected, even though I did very little research for it. It's just an out-an-out dissection of the points Pat Condell makes.

One thing I noticed, which I never saw before, was that when tried to make the video a reply to Pat Condells' original, a message popped up saying that my video would only be associated once Pat Condell had authorised it.  At first I thought that maybe Condell had begun censoring the video replies he gets, but having looked at my video options in YouTube, I see it is the default setting, maybe YouTube just added it, or maybe I've not been paying attention in the past.

Either way, lets' see how much of a sport Pat Condell is...


DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum,
Nice vid, only thing I'd like to point out is tha Alibhai-Brown isn't Muslim, and in fact a bit of a neocon. I think it might have been better to use examples of practicing Muslim woman being active in public life.
Just some thoughts, thats all. Looking forward to more.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

I take your points, but Alibhai-Brown claims to be Muslim... OK. A moderate/liberal one maybe, but then, maybe that's what I am?

As for practicing Muslim women, yeh, I know what you mean. But as a say, I didn't spend much time researching this one, and just picked those that came to mind first, the only one I found that surprised me was the Muslim Miss England. OK. Maybe not strictly kosher... but then I'm asking myself what is it that defines a Muslim anyway?

Thanks for the link to the google vid. At 3 hours long it will take me a while to get through it, some of us have a day job quite apart from fending off Islam bashing! :)

As always, thanks for the support.

DrMaxtor said...

A Muslim is best defined by Islam : A person who submits to Allah, follows his Messenger etc. The reason I mentioned AliBhai Brown is because she's been cited by those not too far away from Condell's position. Its ok though, you've done plenty of work on the first 3 vids.
As for that Khalid Yasin lecture, its actually 3 lectures in one file, I have a full time job as well(I'm an MD for real)but I just cant help throwing my boot in the Islamophobes soup :) Some habits I just cant give up.
Take care, inshallah.