Monday, 14 April 2008


Image Hosting by Picoodle.comSo I've started to use StickAm.  There are plenty of people there with which to exchange ideas.  But one guy I'm not so sure of goes by the name of 'shootupaschool'.  This guy basically said that he likes to rape and sexually molest Muslim children.  Obviously he was not serious.  But even in jest.  That just isn't funny, is it?

UPDATE: 16/04/2008 Funnily enough, the user 'shootupaschool' does not exist at Stickam anymore.  Wonder why that is?


DrMaxtor said...

This bastard should be reported to the proper authorities. The name itself should raise red flags.

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell IS funny

DrMaxtor said...

George Carlin is a very funny comedian who happens to be an atheist, while Condell is a militant atheist hack pretending to be a comedian. Its a testimony to the stupidity of the "new" atheism that a bitter old fart(and BNP darling) like him is touted as a spokesman.
BTW I've given you a shout out in my latest blog entry. Keep it up.

skydog said...

''Obviously he was not serious. But even in jest. That just isn't funny, is it?''

No, got to agree on that one.

No ifs or buts.