Saturday, 3 May 2008

You Tube Post No.7

Fanboys.  Gotta love 'em.  And it seems Condell has a few of them.  Fanboys go beyond the norm.  They don't just subscribe to Condell, they actively promote him.  Kind of the anti-thesis of what I'm doing.
I've come across Fanboys in one particular area before.  Gaming.  In gaming, fanboys can be mainly split into opposing hardware clans, Nintendo Fanboys, Sony Fanboys, and, of course, Microsoft Fanboys.  There can be sub-types (Mario Fanboys, Sonic Fanboys, etc) but generally, the main fault lines are down the choice of hardware.  With Fanboys, once they have made the choice of hardware (not many people can afford more than one games console!), they are wed to it and will swear undying fealty to the brand.

Condell, I think, is becoming a brand.  I fully expect his revised website to be a much slicker affair, with better signposts to his merchandise.  He is moving beyond YouTube 'amateur', especially now that his money spinning DVD is available over on

So, it is not surprising that there are a few Condell Fanboys springing up.   None of them have the delivery skills that Condell does, which in turn makes it easier to dissect what they say.  My favourite Condell Fanboy is nz2k2.  This guy has much love for Condell.  It seems every other video he makes references Condell in one way or another, and, yes, he even has the t-shirt.

What I find quite funny is the admission in his profile that:

I am British, and stuck in Britain right now, but I feel far more at home in wonderful New Zealand, where I work and spend as much time as legally possible...
I'm a Brit by passport (hopefully not for long now) but I consider myself a Kiwi at heart.

How embarrassing. He spends as little time as possible in the UK, and yet still feels he can comment upon the religious situation in the UK (and Europe).   The guy is leaving the UK for New Zealand!  Perhaps there are too many Muslims here for his liking?  Hopefully, when he gets a New Zealand passport he'll stop pretending he's British.  Still, at least he answers his comments.

My latest post is an answer to nz2k2's video 'Happy Half Million Pat Condell! And some serious thoughts..'  In it, he makes the assertion that there is a 'lack of denouncement' or terrorism from Muslims.  And taking a quick look around on YouTube, there are actually a number of videos from Muslims denouncing terror, but nothing that has summed up the global Muslim community efforts since 9/11 to condemn terrorism in the name of Islam.

So, using my favourite research tool, I set about gathering evidence and put together a video showing how Muslims have been denouncing terrorism.  Hope you like it.

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