Monday, 5 May 2008

Stats Update

Condell now has a total of 40 videos on YouTube, not bad since he only joined YouTube in Feb '07, can't fault his measured posting really. Whilst other YouTubers go mental posting a video very other day, Condell at least takes his time.  Thanks to our resident image guru for updating the hate-o-meter again, click the pic for a breakdown of where Condell has been sending his venom to for the past year.

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Anonymous said...

Pat Condell implies that Moslems are the only bigots, but there is plenty of of bigotry in other faiths - and non-faiths.

But, whether or not he is totally up-front about his political alliegences, I give him full credit for standing up and telling his name - UNLIKE THE AUTHOR OF THIS BLOG.....

Anonymous said...

Funny or not, Condell tells the way things are. Condell speaks the truth. Weather you like it or not.
He is not afraid.

hellosnackbar said...

Why don't you publish Pat's death threats?(available on his channel)
This will give your readers a taste of the moronic mentality of the average Mohammedan.
And yet you still bleat for respect.
Mohammedans have a characteristic propensity to conflate hate with contempt.
Hence the invention of the word Islamophobia.

Realistical said...

Pat doesn't claim to be a comedian, thats your job, to decide whether you find him funny or not.
The fact that you are so sensitive to his videos only shows your own bigotry, as we are all aware of how fanatical many Islamic people are that our soldiers should be beheaded or the fact that many of your breathren would rather impose your religion on the whole world and decry other beliefs as heathen and godless.

I'm not sure what the purpose of this site is, but its "Failed" in any attempt to ridicule a man's right to freedom of speech.

Isn't there something in the Quaran that says a man shall have the right to stand up to despotism, well, Sharia Law is despotism within a religion.

Can anyone smell the hypocrisy ?

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